Maintaining security of a workplace is not an easy task. The  management needs to ensure that all the security measures are taken in order to ensure the safety of  employees, assets and information. Here are few of such security measures. #1: Security personnel Hire highly trained security personnel to make […]

India has the second largest population after china. With the growing population, the demand for electricity is also increasing. In order to fulfill this demand the government is making efforts to ensure the soaring energy requirements. While there are new power plants being built to fulfill the demand, the potential […]

Security Management courses are intended to cover every one of the parts of security and operations approach. Following are the sorts of courses we offer under our security administration course. This program has been intended for Graduate in any teach and existing experts in the field of security administration. 1-The […]

We all know that there is always a possible danger lurking in our everyday life. It could be terrorist attacks or attack on privacy, there are hundreds of ways someone can harm you. Therefore it is very important for you to take preventive measures and be ready to face any […]