Security management courses


Security Management courses are intended to cover every one of the parts of security and operations approach. Following are the sorts of courses we offer under our security administration course.

This program has been intended for Graduate in any teach and existing experts in the field of security administration.

1-The program underlines in different elements of security and manages its operation approach in detail.

2-The program will help the understudies securing the insurance aptitudes and prepare them for an extensive variety of Industry and corporate Jobs in Managerial Positions.

3-Part time understudies can likewise proceed with their current employments

Program Design and Duration

Program Code: DLP – DSIM

Program Duration: 6 Months

Program Mode: Distance Learning

Program Structure

Module A

1-Security Management and Operations

2-Information Security Intelligence

3-Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Planning

4-Fire and First Aid

5-Risk Analysis and Surveys and Audits

6-Security HRM

Module B

1-Laws identified with assurance

2-Corporate and Business

3-General Management

4-Organization Behavior

Qualification Criteria

1-Minimum Age-21 years

2-Working learning of PC is required

3-Graduate in any train

4-Minimum 10 years of involvement in any industry is must

5-Good relational abilities in English

OSSIM was set up in Jan, 2007 and advanced by Mr. Gerald O’ Connell (Chairman OSSIM), Queen’s Police Medal, U.K., Captain Ravee (MD, OSSIM), Founder of Fireball Group and Ms Vibha Ravee (President, OSSIM).

OSSIM was begun to give instructive open doors and to give the preparation under government’s new Private Security Regulation Act (2005).

Orion school of security and administration is known as one the best security schools in India. Ossim is the principal foundation in India that gives preparing in all perspectives of security administration courses covering land, ocean, port, air, and transportation framework, modern and corporate insurance.


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