In the recent incident of Mumbai rooftop fire 14 people lost their life including the woman celebrating her birthday. The fire took place at Mojo’s Bistro and it spread from a hookah. Illegal tarpaulin and bamboo frame helped the fire to spread quickly . It was found in the report that all the 14 people died because of suffocation as the  escape route was blocked.

In 2017 another gruesome incident happened that took 22 lives. The Elphinstone Railway Station over-bridge,  a large crowd rushed into the bridge that was already packed with people taking shelter from a sudden, heavy rainfall.  Few people on bridge slipped, and others fell on them.

Incidences like these happen a lot especially at places with dense population. It is very important for us to take precautionary steps and learn from our mistakes .

Here is how you can keep yourself safe in crowded places.

  • Stay attentive  and aware of your surroundings. Find the emergency exit, make sure it can not blocked.  Take a minute to look at the floor plan know where the other exits are.
  • If you find that the exit doors and emergency exit is any way obstructed. As if the doors are chained or blocked by any object, and you should immediately notify the employees of the building. If they don’t address your concern then you can contact the police and/or fire department as it is complete violation of fire codes.
  • Do not let anyone put you in a place where you are not safe or uncomfortable.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in the crowed, you should find a way to the outer periphery. If you are being pushed by one side of crowed move away instantly, do not push back.  There are lulls in any crowd push. Use these lulls to move to open spaces.
  • If you feel you can’t escape, remain calm and don’t panic or scream. If there is stampede keep eye on people coming to you and avoid being pushed. Try to remain at one place.
  • Maintain a firm position, do not loose balance.
  • Help others, if you can.
  • If you need to escape the venue, look for the quickest and less crowded exit.
  • In the event of a fire, stay low to the ground and cover your mouth with cloth.Keep your body as low as possible while making your way out.
  • If you catch fire, stop, drop and roll.

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