Challenges Of Power Plant Security


India has the second largest population after china. With the growing population, the demand for electricity is also increasing. In order to fulfill this demand the government is making efforts to ensure the soaring energy requirements.

While there are new power plants being built to fulfill the demand, the potential threats to these power plants are also increasing. Having guards, fencing and surveillance system is not enough for Power Plant Security. Now a days the companies are preparing comprehensive plans to meet with the security challenges.

It is very important that the security planning is done on the basis of the detailed study of potential threats to the respective power plant. As per the requirements the security system should be developed to meet any type of threat.

As such, plant operators need to add advanced screening technologies to their existing checkpoint footprints, ensuring that these threats can be detected regardless of the form that they take.

Using advanced technologies is not enough. The security supervisor need to ensure the effective use of technologies. For this one need to prepare an effective business plan to cope with different situations and threats.

In order to prepare an effective plan for the security of power plants the plant operators should take help of an expert. Security should be taken seriously and professionally. Having an expert will also help the operators in keeping focus on their primary job.

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