8 measures for workplace security.


Maintaining security of a workplace is not an easy task. The  management needs to ensure that all the security measures are taken in order to ensure the safety of  employees, assets and information. Here are few of such security measures.

#1: Security personnel

Hire highly trained security personnel to make sure that only authorized persons can enter the company premise.

#2: Employee Security Training

It is very important that you ensure that all the employees have basic understanding of security threats, it’s prevention and plan of action in case of any such security breach.

3: Tight security of server room

Make sure that only authorized employees have access to the server room. Use bio metric devices and security cameras to keep track of people entering in the server room.

#4: Set up surveillance

Having surveillance in server room is not enough. You should make sure that proper security surveillance instruments are installed on all the prime locations.

#5: Make sure that important equipment are safe

Instruct the employees to keep their devices safe. Once the device is not in use they should keep it locked in their closet.

#6: Keep intruders away from the workstation

Just like the server room the employees workstation should have bio-metric and CCTV security. There are many ways to protect the important information.  For example finger print authentication for the computer system, CCTV Surveillance etc.


#7: Keep safe the backups

IT professionals should keep it in mind that the backup devices are kept safely within the reach of the IT person. It can be kept in the server room while it is properly secured. The backup devices should be kept locked at one place.

#8: Protect your printers

You might not be aware but your printers store the information of all the printed documents. A hacker can easily hack the printer and extract all the information.

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