Self Defense Training

We all seem to be concerned about the safety and dignity of women/girls on street. Different agencies have different opinions and solutions on the issue; Government, Police, Women organizations most of them have extreme view one way or the other. Views which attract the media attention when such heinous crime is committed, but Soon after everything gets boil down and people lose their interest too, except the Victim lives with the scar on her soul.

Strangely enough, when such incidents occur, we get frantic call from organizations, Corporates, colleges, schools, requesting us to organize Self Defence Training for Women, but as the days pass, and media turns it back towards the issue as it gets some Other eye-ball grabbing issues, the frantic query soon turns into cold response often Complaining about lack of fund.

So, we offer a practical solution to the problem by empowering women/girls as an Individual to face the situation by being mentally and physically strong enough to avoid Any unwanted situation or faced with the one, come out of it unscratched.
More specifically, we present a workshop on Self Defence for women/girls into two parts:
1. Soft skill training (motivational, aim to make them mentally tougher)
2. Practical training (Self Defence)

Some of the topics covered in the training are:
o Personnel Security o Trouble Indicators
o Dealing with Conflict Situations o Self Defence Techniques
o Building Self Confidence o Practical Training
So, let’s join hands to empower women/girls and take out fear from them so that they can lead a fearless life and feel confident and safe wherever they are.