Message from Chairman

A former Chief Officer of one of UK's largest police force, Gerald is an expert in security and intelligence management. He is a Post Graduate in Criminology and Forensic Sciences from Cambridge University. He worked in 3 major british police forces, in various ranks, during his 35 year police service and then reached the most senior rank - Chief Officer of Police - in one of the UK's largest police forces. He has worked all over the world with police forces including London's Metropolitan police (UK). washington DC (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Jamaica and Mauritius. He is also an expert on the development of the Private Security Industry and its potential to link with mainstream policing.

Message From Chairman

OSSIM has now entered its fourth year of Security Education and Training activity in India; its foundations are sound, and great educational and vocational developments have taken place which will continue into the years ahead. OSSIM has become the first Indian Security Education Institute to be accredited by the National Accreditation Body for Education and Training (NABET). This is a great honour for OSSIM and a recognition that our teaching standards and business processes are of national standard.

On the international front we also have good news! OSSIM has signed a partnership agreement with London Metropolitan University (LMU), and is now a “recognised institute” by LMU. By the autumn of 2010, we will be offering a variety of Post-Graduate Diploma’s in various topics of security and safety that can be taught by OSSIM in india and London.

These Post Graduate Diploma’s, will offer newcomers to the security industry, seeking a career path, the chance to gain a broad education in Security and Safety, and then to be placed in the Global security industry and the Indian security industry. OSSIM has also entered into a partnership arrangement with Skills for Security, the UK Security Standards Body, and we are about to start using the UK standards for our guarding programmes.

During the past year, since 26/11 in Mumbai, OSSIM has developed a series of short programmes and seminars for various industries to make them aware of the risk and threat levels that appertain in various sectors of the economy. We have also moved into the education sector giving seminars to schools staff, including teachers and administrators about how to deal with the threats within the school environment.

Pride of place, however, goes to our excellent continuing relationship with Vedanta Resources Plc, one of the largest mining companies in the world, who operate in India and Africa, and whose security staff we have been helping to train for their duties as middle managers within the Vedanta operations. We are delighted to report that Vedanta has highly commended our programmes (see feedback on our website)

As so for the 2010, OSSIM anticipates a busy year of growth and innovation. India requires high grade security training at international standards and OSSIM is the only institution in India providing this. Our partnership with London Met University will lead to the production of a stream of academic and vocational programmes, of the highest levels, opening up opportunities for India’s youth for a career path into the massive Private Security industry of India; opening opportunities for growth, and professionalization of the existing managerial cadre operating with the sector.

OSSIM looks forward to supporting your organization if you are in business, or, if you are an individual looking for training and education to advance your career as a security professional. The opportunities are immense; please join in our pioneering adventure to professionalize the security industry of India.