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Posted Date :11/5/2018 12:00:00 AM
Category :Security In Material Management and Office Administration

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Material Management

Security of Buildings and Premises

Security of Plant and Machinery

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1. Introduction - This chapter contains matters pertaining to the access control of materials in an industry.


2. Analysing the Risk of Security of Material. One primary task of security staff in an industrial organization is to check and prevent all the actions leading towards thefts and pilferages of materials both externally and internally.

General belief, that if proper checks of all the personnel at main entry/exit will strop theft and pilferage, is indeed far from reality although it is one of the preventive measures in the security process.

Management and security chief should always think ahead about various ingenious methods which people can adopt to carry out theft and pilferage. Therefore, it must be carefully analyzed that during the process of procurement of materials, which all are the places where possibly theft and pilferage can take place.


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