Given the current pandemic situations and unemployment scenarios, people are forced to indulge in criminal activities like robbery to keep themselves alive. Some notorious elements also take unnecessary advantage of the same situation. As the crime and pilferage rate increases, the need for better and robust security professionals is becoming increasingly crucial to offer maximum protection against threats and crime.

Physical Security is revolutionizing the world in almost every industry. At such a pace, a large number of skilled and certified resources with an in-depth understanding of upcoming security skills are required to build the necessary foundations and innovate. 

In line with this challenging industry need, OSSIM has developed customized Security training and Security & Intelligence Management Courses to offer advanced Security Industry-oriented programs like CSP (Certified Security Professional), PGDSIM PG Diploma in Security & Intelligence Management, EDSIM (Executive Diploma in Security & Intelligence Management)DSIM (Diploma in Security & Intelligence Management) and various short security courses like Access ControlSecurity OperationsIEDs & Bomb ThreatHotel Security and many more.

Pursue Certified Security Professional courses from a well reputed Security & Intelligence Management Institute in Punjab. Our courses aim to equip the students to develop skills in the field of security as per international standards.

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