Gerald O'Connell, QPM

A former Chief Officer of one of UK's largest police force, Gerald is an expert in security and intelligence management. He is a Post Graduate in Criminology and Forensic Sciences from Cambridge University.

He worked in 3 major british police forces, in various ranks, during his 35 year police service and then reached the most senior rank - Chief Officer of Police - in one of the UK's largest police forces. He has worked all over the world with police forces including London's Metropolitan police (UK). washington DC (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Jamaica and Mauritius.

He is also an expert on the development of the Private Security Industry and its potential to link with mainstream policing.

Capt Ravee

Capt. Ravee has served for one of the most prestigious Regiments of Indian Army, 11 Gurkha Regiment from 1990 - 1995. He had the opportunity to work in the private sector security segment Best Western Surya, Maurya Sheraton, Ericsson and Brit ish Gas.

He is founder Secretary General of Central Association of Private Security Industry and Association of Private Detectives of India. He was chosen as one of the Security Members for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Capt. Ravee is the Managing Director of OSSIM and Fireball Group of Companies.

His versatile and security background in the Executive Management, coupled with his 17 years of experience in Security & Intelligence Management has awarded him a reputation of Quality Management. He further enhanced his contribution to the field of Security and Intelligence by initiating the first institution in India known as OSSIM which shall provide careers to the youth in these fields.

Priyanka Sehgal
Principal Director

Priyanka Sehgal - A seasoned professional in leadership position as Executive Director is an asset for OSSIM. She has infused concentrated and consistent efforts to steer OSSIM for the past 14 years of her presence.

Priyanka’s devotion and dedication to this brand is par excellence. Joining the company at a Junior Administrative level and then rising on her own steam and continuing in OSSIM despite many odds and leaving all opportunities coming her away during this long period of two decades speaks high of her character. Dependability, credibility, reliability are few close words describing her persona.

Priyanka is qualified to lead this Self Propelled Vehicle called OSSIM as she is Post Graduate Diploma in Management from reputed Institute of Management Technology which she did in distinction. She has applied all her learning's in her work successfully.

Delivering under pressure and in trying times is her quality which she has exhibited many times as a professional. Priyanka is a pleasing personality who is presentable, competent and sincere to her chair. She is resilient in all situations and adapts to the new environment quickly which makes her one of the top and best leader of the Security Industry in India.

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