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Course Id :12
Posted Date :11/5/2018 12:00:00 AM
Category :Risk Analysis Security Survey and Audit

What Will I Learn?





Security Risk Evaluations

Development of Forms

Risk Analysis

Security Survey

Risk Management

Revision Questionnaire


Learning Outcomes

By the end the lesson, trainee will acquire comprehensive knowledge of evaluating the security risk.

The trainee will acquire skills to carry out security survey.

The trainee shall be able to identify the risks involved in an industry.


Introduction - In today’s environment, security staff and budgets are smaller, but the expectations for services and programs remain the same. Security officers often find themselves operating under severe budget constraints. Over the years, Security responses to events have resulted in injuries and deaths, and this has compelled the Government to pay attention to security issues and possibilities of costly regulatory penalties as well. In such an environment, a Security Manager can greatly reduce the liability and insure that the company’s assets are being protected. Security Officers need to:

a)     Perform risk evaluations.

b)    Keep accurate written records, and

c)     Be aware of the basic laws governing the actions of security officers and their departments as well as the steps that can be taken to minimize civil liability.


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