Security officers are generally  uniformed  to represent their lawful  authority  to protect private property. A security officer's responsibility is protecting their client from a variety of hazards (usually in the form of criminal acts). Security officers make use of their experience and exceptional training to control and prevent any crime.
It’s good for a security officer to determine the purpose of training and certification.
During their training, security officers develop skills in observation, first aid, investigative techniques, loss prevention, and crisis management.

Common purposes of receiving professional security credentials include acquiring tangible evidence of having knowledge of the profession. This gives credibility to the credential holder. Also, having professional security credentials can differentiate between two applicants with otherwise equal experience. While any credential may have its advantages, it may prove more useful to acquire a credential or recognize one that has a respected history within the industry.


  • OSSIM has the capability to train the Security Personnel ranging from Managers to Security Officers and other senior professionals.
  • Follows the Best International standards and processes.
  • OSSIM’s trainers are highly experienced and are qualified and certified from SSSDC and have rich and extensive experience of training the security personnel of cross-section of the industry including Officers, JCO’s and PBOR’s from armed forces seeking relocation to the civil world on superannuation.

What you will Get

Benefits to the organisation

Who should get it done

  • Upgrade your skills and knowledge
  • Deter Crimes at Workplace.
  • Sense of Security
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Deal with the Security Issues Efficiently
  • Maintain the Order at Your Workplace
  • Defense Against Security Risks
  • Build Customer/Client Trust and Loyalty
  • Immediate Response to Threats
  • Self-Protection & Defense
  • Helps in loss prevention
  • Helps in employee retention
  • Adds value to company’s key processes
  • Individual training to enhance professional expertise
  • Ex-Service Men
  • Currently working Security Officers
  • Security Professionals who want to upgrade their skills
  • Employer-sponsored group training seekers
  • Refresher Training Seekers


Security guards have to become involved in dangerous situations. Security guards constantly have to intervene when problems arise or have to deal with problem situations. Training assures you can keep your cool and de-escalate the situation, potentially preventing a violent or dangerous outcome.

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                                                                                                                                                and many more…

OSSIM provided tailor-made programs for the above cients.
It covers a broad range of subjects, including the roles and responsibilities of the security officer, asset protection, emergency evacuation procedures, professional ethics, and report writing. 

A few of the topics that are covered in the Security Guards Training are: 

  • Identifying threats and preparation of security plans.
  • Physical Security and Access Control.
  • Material accounting and inventory controls.
  • Patrolling and Search.
  • Parking Management and Traffic Control
  • Essential labor, industrial, and criminal statutes.
  • Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Emergency situations and responses thereupon.
  • First Aid and Fire Prevention.
  • Liaison with clients (internal and external), Facilities and Govt. Agencies.
  • Addressing a threat of Bomb/ IED plants.
  • Executive Protection, addressing kidnapping, extortion and hijacking attempts.
  • Relevant industrial, labor and criminal laws
  • Security Audits & Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response Handling
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